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What is Smart Air?
The Patented (see "A" below) Smart Air Mold Test System was developed to inform thousands of individuals of the risk of moisture and mold problems in their vehicles and to potentially save their lives. Molds in homes or businesses are a common and well-known concern of many, but most people do not realize that their vehicles can also be hosts to unsafe levels of mold from flooding or leaks.

Moisture penetration, external weather conditions, and high humidity with sealed vehicles can radically increase the mold levels and in turn increase the risk of dangerous mold growth. The consequences can be dire and Smart Air has made screening your vehicle quick and affordable.

Moisture events can cause damage to electrical components and systems creating a very unsafe vehicle to drive.

A: recently patented innovation protected under U.S. Patent no. 8,777,171, B2 entitled, "Airborne Particle And Microorganism Collection System".

Smart Air Technologies Team

John Gainey

John Gainey has lived at Sunset Beach for nearly twenty two years. John started a small property inspection firm with little funding and over the last eighteen years has developed it into one of the leading companies of its kind along the coast of North and South Carolina. With his wife of thirteen years managing the office operations, he along with two other inspectors provides inspection and environmental services including mold, allergen and air quality testing to residential and commercial customers.

One of John's major association accomplishments as state public relations chairman was to connect the ACE Hardware Company and approximately sixty percent of their stores across North Carolina via The Home Smart Campaign which he designed to bring awareness of the inspection industry and safety issues to the homeowner.

John serves on the board of directors of a large non-profit organization that runs three thrift centers. These centers provide fund for sheltering "At Risk Teenagers" at a special home called Providence Home - The Family Emergency Teen Shelter located in Southport, NC.

  Experience Profile:
CMA Mold Assessor - Medical University of South Carolina 7-15-01
CMRC Mold Remediation - Medical University of South Carolina 7-22-02
CRHI Nationally Certified Home Inspector STI 1992 NC & SC
North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector since 1996
South Carolina Licensed Home Inspector since 1996
Registered Pest Tech #1706pw since 2007 CPI
President of Secure Home Inspection Inc since 1992
Formed H2o Energy & Air Consultants since 2000
ASHI Certified Member 2004-2007
Member NC Licensed Home Inspector Association 2007 - 2009 - 2011 - (NCLHIA)
State Public Relations Chairman NCLHIA 2007 - 2009
NCLHIA Chapter President 2007 - 2009
Vice President (NCLHIA) State Inspector Association 2011

Randy Hardee

Randy Hardee has been a Brunswick County NC resident since 1953. Randy's family farming background led him into his first retail business. Randy's Meat Center was born and is still a thriving family business after nearly twenty six years in Shallotte, NC.

After many successful years in this endeavor, he has leased it to another business group. He now has other business interests demanding his time as he manages several real estate investments including a twenty eight acre sand mine that provides service to the construction community.

Randy brings to the table a vast mechanical background and is a great asset to the company as a private pilot. With his business expertise he believes that the technology we are involved in today is indicative of people becoming more educated about their environmental health and how it affects their family's future.

W. Glenn Gulledge
Graduate, Wingate University - 1978
Mr. Gulledge is experienced in the management of public and private companies and has served as an officer and group V.P. for Wendy's International Inc, we well as Chief Executive Officer of Bojangles Restaurants Inc. He is currently serving as a Member/Manager for Piedmont Pizzeria LLC and U.S. Foods Inc.

Gary Gillespie

Gary attended the University of South Carolina in the early 70's. Although having been raised in the South all his life (well, actually, southern Connecticut!), Gary saw the benefits of living in the "easy going" South and planted roots here.

Gary served as the General Manager for the Servpro franchise in Horry County, South Carolina (fire, water and mold cleanup and restoration) for three years.

He then purchased the Servpro franchise rights for Brunswick County, NC and ran the business from 2005 until 2014. During this time, he was called in to remediate moisture damage and mold issues in buildings and other structures in and around the county.

Having formed a professional working relationship with John Gainey of Secure Home Inspections and Smart Air Environmental, (John screens for abnormal air quality issues and moisture damage indicators... Servpro would clean it up using proper techniques and protocols). John began formulating a screening protocol that he and I refined over time to reduce automotive liabilities and create a provable platform for vehicle environmental health for the general public.

We are very excited that Gary has chosen to bring his remediation field experience to the Smart Air Auto Screening system and support the vision of the team to improve vehicle environmental health for the individual automotive consumer and the auto dealership community.