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Tim Greene's Story

Tim Greene is a nationally acclaimed, Grammy winning gospel artist who was in the midst of a successful singer/songwriter career when toxic mold exposure almost took his life.

Tim purchased a sports utility vehicle from a local dealership in Watauga County, North Carolina in 1999. The vehicle had nearly 14,000 miles on it, but all warranties and guaranties associated with the new car model were intact.

Shortly after, Tim began experiencing unexplained fatigue and weakness. His symptoms quickly got worse; he suffered from earaches, body tremors, dizziness, memory loss and confusion, sinus problems, respiratory problems, and headaches that lasted over 12 hours. Tim did not realize the severity of his condition until he woke up one morning and could not move his legs. After collapsing, he woke up in the emergency room. He went to several medical centers for opinions on his condition, but after a visit to a doctor in Georgia, Tim discovered that Aspergillus Niger, a very dangerous form of mold, was growing in his sinus cavity.

The doctor sent Tim home to test his living and work environments for the original source of this growth, but none showed elevated levels of harmful mold. Tim did not realize the possibility of needing to test his vehicle until his doctor suggested he do so. After testing his vehicle, Tim had it professionally inspected and sure enough, an elevated level of the toxic mold Aspergillus Niger, the very mold found in his sinus cavity, was found. The forensic inspection that was performed on Tim's vehicle also uncovered nearly 17 active leaks in the floor system and door seals of his vehicle. These leaks fed the mold growth and allowed the mold spores to flow into his air conditioning and heating system, giving him a high dose of exposure in this small living area.

Tim spent the next seven years in and out of hospitals undergoing treatment. During this time, he endured numerous bouts of pneumonia and several complicated surgeries to rid his body of the toxic mold colonies. Tim's illnesses due to mold exposure resulted in more than $700,000 in medical bills and inflicted immeasurable and irreversible hardship on him and his family. In 2002, Tim sued a major automotive manufacturer and dealership because of the proven defects found contaminating his SUV with mold. Tim will continue to suffer many of the above health ailments for the rest of his life because of his exposure to toxic mold.

Tim Greene nearly lost his life to the silent killer of toxic mold. Prevent the same from happening to you and your loved ones and have your vehicle tested today!

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"Mold changed my life in a very terrible way. It took a lot away from my family and me, and it will do the same to you if you're not careful. So please, test your vehicle for harmful levels of mold." Tim Greene